Hebert's Boudin and Cracklins was opened in 2000 by Lynwood R. Hebert of Opelousas, Louisiana.  Over the past thirteen years he has rapidly grown his family owned/operated business into five locations; two in Opelousas, Henderson (Breaux Bridge), Kinder and Broussard Louisiana.  All of our locations serve boudin, cracklins, boudin balls, sausage, tasso and many more cajun products.  We also carry seasoned de-boned chickens stuffed with boudin, rice dressing, and cornbread dressing ready to cook. 

     Years ago, Lynwood started putting a unique blend of seasoning on his cracklins instead of just salt, like traditionally done.  Through the years customers have asked "what's the name of that seasoning you use?"  He always responded "No name, I don't know how to call it."  Customers would respond, it doesn't matter "How-U-Call-It" I'd still like to buy some! So as a result of many years of requests, Hebert's is proud to present our "How-U-Call-It" Cajun Seasoning.  A unique blend of spices, that contains no MSG, it can be used on anything! 

Let us know "How-U-Like-It!

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